160 Watt LED Spot Light

This amazing light will replace an 800 Watt Metal Halide light source with a 160 Watt LED array contained in a compact 449 x 394 x 81mm package. This Light will output between 12640 Lumens (Warm White) and 12800 Lumens (Cool White). Unlike Metal Halide and similar lighting designs, these LED Lights do not need to warm up and will start in less than 0.1 seconds. Designed to operate in our harsher climates, this light is perfect for exterior parking lot lighting & security.


Electrical Specifications:

Power Consumption 160 Watts (40-200 Watt versions also available)
Input Voltage 90-260 VAC (DC Versions Available)
Input Current 400 mA
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
AC Power Factor 98.00%
DC Power Efficiency 94.0%
Starting Time < 0.1s
Working Lifespan > 50,000 Hrs


Mechanical Specifications:

Primary Material: Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color Silver/Gray
Dimensions 449 x 394 x 81mm (Excluding Bracket)
Environmental Rating IP67
Packaged Weight 11.1 kg
Net Weight 9.9 kg
Working Temperature -40°C to +50°C
Working Humidity 10% to 90%


Optical Specifications:

Light Color Warm White Cool White
Color Temperature 2700-3300°K 5500-6500°K
Lumen Output 12640 12800
Color Rendering Index Ra >80
Beam Angle 45° (50%)
Lumen Depreciation 3%-5%1KH313


Top Left: 160W LED Spot lights illuminating a parking lot.
Top Right: a courtyard lit up by two 160 Wat LED Spot lights from on top of a building